Interns Join Constituency Office

20th January 2016

Marion’s constituency office had two new recruits on Tuesday as interns Anna Knox and Conor Higgins joined the team.

Anna, 19, is a political campaigner and City of Glasgow College graduate from Motherwell. Conor, also 19, is from Newmains and is a Politics and Social & Public Policy student at the University of Glasgow. Both Interns will be providing valuable contributions to the busy constituency office, while hopefully benefiting from a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Commenting on the new additions to the team, Marion Fellows MP said:

“Not long after my election I decided I wanted to take the opportunity to provide worthwhile paid internships to young people from within the constituency. After receiving a number of high quality applications and interviewing many impressive young people, I was delighted when Anna and Conor accepted the offer to join my team. They are both very enthusiastic and talented individuals and I am more than confident that they will both be great successes in mutually beneficial internships.”

Office Manager Fiona Fotherham added:

“The additions of Anna and Conor will be a great help to the current team, allowing us to continue to provide an exceptionally high standard of service for local people. Welcome to the team!”

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