EDM 1060: Wishaw General Hospital Midwife Award Nomination

3rd February 2016

Wishaw General Hospital Midwife Award Nomination
Session: 2015-16
Date tabled: 02.02.2016
Primary sponsor: Marion Fellows
Sponsors: Deidrie Brock, Drew Hendry, John McNally, Martin Docherty, Neil Gray

That this House welcomes the news that midwives of ward 23 in Wishaw General Hospital have been implementing a post-delivery debriefing project using the method of teach back which ensures that mothers’ personal needs are understood and fulfilled during the birthing process and that mothers understand their personal birthing process; congratulates the midwives on being shortlisted for the Better Births category of the Royal College of Midwives’ Annual Midwifery Awards for the work they have been doing in their field; and recognises the importance of their pioneering project in educating mothers about their labour ensuring that mothers have a clearer understanding of their and their baby’s health.

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