Ethnic Minorities Law Centre

5th February 2016

I was delighted to meet with Wale Olabamiji of the Ethnic Minorities Law Centre in my constituency office today.

Wale was visiting the constituency to provide cultural awareness training for members of my team to ensure that my office is able to provide as efficient a service as possible to all residents of Motherwell and Wishaw, regardless of their cultural background.

The Ethnic Minorities Law Centre provides legal advice and representation to individuals from Scotland’s Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities, as well as providing training and second-tier advice to the Citizens Advice Bureau and other advice agencies across the country. In addition to casework for clients and training for advice agencies in their specialist areas of law, the EMLC also operates telephone advice lines, awareness-raising sessions and workshops for young people.

For more information on all the services the EMLC provides and how to contact them, check out the Ethnic Minorities Law Centre website (

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