Steel Debate Speech

1st March 2016

Yesterday I spoke in a debate on the UK Steel industry.

The UK Government’s approach to the steel crisis has been a perfect example of doublespeak.

While they claim to support anti-dumping measures, they fight to retain the Lesser Duty Rule which inhibits the rate of duty which can be imposed on dumped, Chinese steel.

This government is also supporting Market Economy Status for the Chinese allowing freer trade for China in the EU – where is the sense in this?

The Prime Minister spoke to the Chinese regarding the dumping of steel here – it seems to have been a rather one sided conversation and we have no proof that the Chinese even listened as there has been no diminution in this problem.

The reaction of the Scottish Government has been starkly contrasting: staff are being retained and upskilled and rates relief has been guaranteed to potential buyers. The SNP Government is determined to secure a future for steel and manufacturing in Scotland.

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