27th April 2016

MP for Motherwell and Wishaw, Marion Fellows, has criticised the UK Government’s delaying of Type 26 contracts which could lead to 800 job losses on the Clyde during Prime Minister’s Questions.

Last year, the number of frigates to be built on the Clyde was scaled back by the UK Government from 13 to just eight with construction delayed to 2017.

Union officials last week expressed concerns over job losses as promises made by Tories and Labour during the referendum are reneged upon.

Mrs Fellows criticised the Prime Minister due to the UK Government’s inaction to assist the steel and shipbuilding industries leading to criticism that he views Scottish jobs as “expendable”.

Mrs Fellows added:

“The Tories have been deceitful in their promises to Scotland’s shipbuilders. They are endangering yet another iconic Scottish industry following inaction to assist our steelworks.

“We were promised that these industries would be safe, however the UK Government seems to put them in danger.

“The UK Government makes big promises and takes little action whilst the Scottish Government has gone to great lengths to protect iconic Scottish industries and jobs on which so many communities and families rely.

“The Tories must make assurances to Scottish shipbuilders that there will be no job losses on the Clyde.”