This Week #18

16th May 2016

Monday (9th May 2016)


Tuesday (10th May 2016)

On Tuesday, Marion was back in London undertaking a busy day of meetings, briefings and other parliamentary business.

Wednesday (11th May 2016)

Wednesday provided Marion with the opportunity to question the Scottish Secretary on the importance of the EU in developing Scotland’s energy policy. A report from EY was critical of the UK Government’s approach to the energy sector stating that it’s not only stalling project development and investment, but jeopardising UK energy security. Energy is an essential part of any society, but it is particularly important to Scotland’s current economy and also in the future as we seek to expand and develop renewables.

Marion asked the Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell MP:

This week’s EY report was critical of the UK Government’s approach to the energy sector, stating that it is not only stalling project development and investment but jeopardising UK energy security. Does the Secretary of State agree that the best way for Scotland’s energy policy to develop is within the EU?

Mr Mundell replied:

I absolutely agree that it is in the best interests of Scotland to remain in the EU, and it is also in the best interests of Scotland to remain in the UK, because it has been clearly set out that what is best for the future of Scotland’s energy sector is a UK-wide common market.

Later in the day, Marion spoke in a debate on pension uprating for British pensioners living abroad. Currently, there are 550,000 British pensioners who live abroad who, despite having worked hard and paid their national insurance all their lives, are declined pension increases whereas domestic pensioners are not. 80% of these pensioners live in Canada and Australia – our Commonwealth partners. The government claims that it would be too expensive to implement universal uprating, but they have no issues finding millions for bombing abroad and billions for Trident; whereas our pensioners abroad are left to suffer from real term decreases on their pensions year on year.

Furthermore, the government has failed to consider a change in current pension policy or even a review. Pensions are not a benefit; they are not a privilege; and they are not a handout. They are a right and no one should be declined what is rightfully theirs. Marion’s contribution can be read in full here.

Also on Wednesday, the local newspapers broke the news that Marion had “smashed” Frank Roy’s parliamentary contributions record in her first year as MP for Motherwell & Wishaw.

Thursday (12th May 2016)


Friday (13th May 2016)