20th May 2016

Motherwell and Wishaw MP, Marion Fellows, this week wrote to North Lanarkshire Council leader, Jim Logue, and Chief Executive, Paul Jukes, to provide her support to the Syrian refugees expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

30 Syrian refugees are expected to be housed by North Lanarkshire Council in the Motherwell and Bellshill area by the end of June a council source has confirmed.

In her letter, MP Marion pledged to provide her services and full support to the new members of the community and North Lanarkshire Council to ensure the refugees’ time in Scotland is “welcoming, positive, but mostly importantly, safe”.

The MP welcomed the move and said she was confident so too would the local community, stating:

“It is an extremely positive move to bring these people who are fleeing war and persecution to North Lanarkshire.

“I am fully confident that the people of Motherwell, Wishaw and Bellshill, in typical fashion, will welcome them with customary Scottish hospitality into our community.”

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