29th June 2016

Athletic Medal Awards and Doping
Session: 2016-17
Date tabled: 29.06.2016
Primary sponsor: Marion Fellows
Sponsors: Phil Boswell, Patricia Gibson, Stewart McDonald, Neil Gray, Stuart McDonald

That this House recognises the tremendous efforts and achievements of all British athletes that have represented the UK in international competitions in their various disciplines; congratulates those who have won medals and also those who came close in these competitions; commends them on their excellent sportsmanlike conduct and value for fair competition between athletes; believes that athletes who have been found guilty of doping have cheated sporting athletes out of potential medals and recognition for their determination, hard work and ability; believes that any athlete found to be doping should have all medals retrospectively stripped from them, and properly awarded to those who were placed behind them and sought to partake in fair competition, on the grounds that they have shamed sports through unsportsmanlike conduct and potentially used doping to achieve their accolades in previous competitions; calls on the International Olympic Committee and other governing bodies to enact this policy as a matter of due course; and calls on the Government to undertake measures to ensure this policy is enacted.

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