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19th October 2016

At the SNP Conference First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced a four-point plan to boost trade and exports. She has also launched a consultation on radical new approaches to childcare which may help parents choose the type of childcare which best suits them. An  extra half a billion pounds will be invested into primary care, including GP services and health centres and, finally,  next summer, all newborn babies across the country will receive a baby box full of clothes, nappies, bedding, books, and toiletries. There will also be the launch of an independent review of the system that supports children in care.

I have deliberately referred to these measures in the first instance to give the lie to Tory and Labour politicians who keep advising the SNP government to “focus on the day job”. These policies show a focus on making Scotland a fairer more equal society.  There is a focus on helping those who are less able to help themselves.

I know that the Scottish Government is determined that the xenophobia which is being shown by the Tories will not be tolerated in Scotland where we are grateful for the input of EU nationals and those from other places who choose to make Scotland their home.  There is no doubt that they contribute massively to daily Scottish life – especially in our Health Service.

The recent Parliament recess did allow me to visit even more local organisations and to attend meetings regarding the Glasgow-Shotts electrification which has caused so much disruption in Cleland.  I have also spoken to the Transport Minister and there is much work being done to try to alleviate this disruption.

The re-opening of the Dalzell Works was a highlight for me and to watch the first plate being rolled under Liberty House ownership was amazing.

I was delighted to meet with residents and friends of Glenview Court and the volunteers of Befriend Motherwell in September. Important community focused organisations like these contribute so much to peoples’ lives and I am keen to urge people to volunteer if they can. If you wish to do so call 01698 440180.  The services they provide to tackle loneliness are particularly important to the elderly community.

My office has been contacted by many folk regarding Tax Credit payments disallowed by Concentrix (appointed By HMRC to administer this service) on false grounds.  It is appalling that so many hard working families have been treated so badly and cash taken away from those who most need it.

My staff and I videoed ourselves doing the Slosh (very badly!) to support Slosh Across North Lanarkshire which is raising funds for the Transplant Games next year.  I thoroughly recommend trying it with workmates, friends and family as it really makes everyone smile.

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