Women of Steel

22nd November 2016

12 of the 120 staff at the Dalzell plate mill are women. I am glad to see that Liberty are seizing the initiative to get more women into the steel industry in both office jobs and engineering. This makes our steelworks a truly community based business.

I was also very touched to hear of Sarah Moon’s comments of her first few days at the plant which shows the history and importance of steel to Lanarkshire:

“I am the fourth generation of the Moon family to work here and the first girl. On my first day, I got a site tour and so many people turned round and said to me, ‘your grandpa told me how to this or that’. It was very emotional. My dad is very proud I am working here. I feel like I fit in, as if it is in my blood.”

Women of steel: The female workers doing vital jobs at the reopened Dalzell plate mill

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