9th December 2016


The MFC Podcast has teamed up with the Well Society, the group tasked with securing community-ownership at Fir Park, for a Christmas Toy Drive before Motherwell’s league match with Kilmarnock this weekend.

Based outside the Davie Cooper Stand on Saturday from 1.45pm until kick-off at 3.00pm, all donations will be taken to the local Salvation Army church for distribution in the community in time for Christmas.

All new, unwrapped toys and gifts are welcome. For wrapped toys, those behind the project have asked that you write the age-range of the toy on the item, with a guide to age-ranges for toys available here.

Commenting, Motherwell & Wishaw MP and Well Society member Marion Fellows, said:

“This is a fantastic initiative by those at the MFC Podcast and the Well Society. Christmas can be a very busy and exciting period for many of us but we must always remember those in our communities who may be struggling financially at this time of year. Organising this toy drive will ensure that there is something under the tree on Christmas day in the homes of many families who may have otherwise been without.”

“I hope the toy drive is a great success and I would urge anyone going along to the match on Saturday to contribute if they can. This is a perfect example of both Christmas and community spirit.”

Click here for more details on Saturday’s toy drive.

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