Bookies Gaming Machines

19th December 2016

Wishaw Press: Motherwell & Wishaw punters lost almost £3.75m on bookies gaming machines

It is no surprise that bookmakers are conveniently placed in areas of high unemployment and poverty.

Westminster alone has the power to properly curb the ongoing exploitation these terminals allow. They have been shown to be detrimental to both impoverished communities and individuals.

The UK Government must ensure that local licensing authorities have the powers to limit the use of terminals in betting offices and to prevent their clustering in particular areas.

These machines are sucking money out of homes and communities while creating huge profits for gambling conglomerates.

We have been in a period of austerity for so long vulnerable people become desperate and the lure of a big win will often drive them to use these machines which promise so much but only increase profits for these businesses.

The UK Government must take action now.

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