This Week #41

30th January 2017

23rd – 29th January 2017

Monday saw a return to London after the weekend as Marion travelled to Parliament for a week of meetings, briefings, and debates.

On Tuesday, Marion attended a number of meetings as well as welcoming her new Hansard Student Sydney Greene. Sydney, from Washington in the United States, will be working with Marion in London until April of this year, focussing primarily on education.

On Wednesday, Marion was hard at work in Parliament, in particular as part of the Education Select Committee and in attendance at Prime Minister’s Questions. The MP was also in attendance at various meetings, while some of her staff attended an information session from Alzheimer Scotland to learn more about Dementia and raising awareness within the community.

After meeting with the Lanarkshire Deaf Club on Friday morning, Marion spent the afternoon on the streets of Motherwell, talking to local people about the potential closure of Brandon Post Office. Everyone Marion and her staff spoke with expressed concern regarding job losses, accessibility, service standards and reduced footfall in the town centre.

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