MP wants your views on future of Motherwell post office

2nd February 2017

I am completely opposed to plans to franchise the Brandon Post Office which are the result of Tory privatisation of our public assets.

If the Post Office is moved this could result in poorer services and accessibility and we must do all we can to support our local businesses to protect jobs in the community.

I consulted with people through social media about the plans. People were very much against them. After carrying out the questionnaire, it’s again clear that the Post Office is well used and a valuable asset to the community.

I have met with the Post Office and CWU to see what can be done to protect the branch and jobs. I will be doing all I can in Parliament to hold the UK Government to account.

The community must make their voice heard and rally against the plans.

Fill in the survey and have your say here:

MP wants your views on future of Motherwell post office (Motherwell Times)

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