Post Office Must Reconsider Plans

17th February 2017

It is clear that the public in Motherwell are totally opposed to the plans. The Post Office is a valuable service on which the community relies.

The Post Office must therefore reconsider these plans. I have written to find out why the Brandon office has been chosen and if the facts justify its closure. Whenever I go in, it is always busy and residents say the same. Reducing the quality of service does not make sense.

I have started a petition to stop the closures across Scotland and the rest of the UK. Many communities rely on these services. The only way we can stop the plans going ahead is if local communities across the country say no and have their voices heard.

There are more than just services at stake. Jobs and the town centre economy could be severely affected. This makes the issue all the more important.

MP Marion writes to Post Office chief over proposed closure of Motherwell branch

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