Post Office is a community asset

20th March 2017

Survey shows Post Office is a ‘community asset’.

It is clear from the responses that the Brandon Parade Post Office is a community asset. Especially when 84 per cent believe it is highly valued.

Most residents who use the Post Office do so at least once a week and the responses also show that it is really busy. I have written to the Post Office Chief Executive to find out more information about how busy the branch actually is.

Many comments from people have stressed concerns that elderly people in particular rely on the Post Office’s services which will undoubtedly decline if franchised. A staggering 70 per cent agreed that quality of service was at risk and so too were jobs, accessibility and town centre footfall.

The local community and communities affected across the UK must continue to make their voice heard in this issue and we must raise awareness. Most people surveyed in the town centre were not aware of the closure. That is what the UK Government and Post Office chiefs want. We have to hold them to account.