This Week #48

27th March 2017

20th – 26th March 2017

Marion was in London on Tuesday working hard, with a busy day of parliamentary duties and briefings within Westminster.

The Motherwell and Wishaw MP also contributed to the Fuel Poverty debate in the House of Commons:

In Scotland, 58% of single pensioner households are in fuel poverty, as are 44% of pensioner couples. The UK as a whole has one of the highest rates of fuel poverty and one of the most inefficient housing stocks in Europe. Fuel poverty rates are higher in Scotland. It is an indisputable fact that more often than not it is colder in Braemar than in Bournemouth, and that means that houses must be heated from a lower ambient temperature and for longer periods throughout the year.

Today in London the sun is shining, and although it is cold, older and vulnerable people could probably venture outside. This morning I received two picture messages showing snow lying on the ground outside my Wishaw home. Not many older or vulnerable people will be venturing outside there until it thaws. They will need to heat their homes in the meantime, and the cost of heating those homes is a burden that many of them simply cannot afford. That is shameful. When people are old, infirm or immobile, the cost of heating can be excessive, especially for those on low fixed incomes.

Marion’s full speech can be found here.

On Wednesday, Marion had her usual morning engagements at the Education Select Committee meeting and Prime Minister’s Questions. The afternoon, however, was rocked by the attack at Westminster which led to the sad deaths of PC Keith Palmer, Aysha Frade, Kurt Cochran, and Leslie Rhodes.

Despite being another busy day of hard work at Westminster, Thursday was also a day of reflection on the events from the previous day.

During the Business of the House session within the Commons, Marion stated:

I associate myself with all the remarks and condolences that have been expressed so eloquently this morning. I refer particularly to my hon. Friend Pete Wishart who mentioned going home; I am going home tonight, and I am very grateful to be doing so. Unfortunately, I will miss a rally at the bottom cross in Wishaw; it has been organised quickly to support the refugees that we will soon be welcoming and against a proposed Scottish Defence League march in Wishaw against refugees.

On Friday, Marion was back in the constituency, hosting a fantastic and very successful funding event for local people and organisations.