Shock police stats reveal at least one domestic attack in Wishaw area every day

3rd November 2017

Full Story: Shock police stats reveal at least one domestic attack in Wishaw area every day

Figures have been relatively stable in recent years. But if one person continues to be abused in their own home and by those close to them, it is one too many.

I am disappointed that in North Lanarkshire, we have the lowest rate of incidents being recorded as a crime and I have written to Chief Superintendent Roddy Irvine to find out why.

Unfortunately many people are too frightened to come forward and report abuse. And some don’t wish to incriminate people they are close to.

It is therefore essential that vulnerable people are protected as much as possible and are given the support and confidence to speak out.

The Scottish Government is bringing in new schemes and legislation to tackle abuse and violence – particularly against women – through the new domestic abuse offence to better tackle coercive and controlling behaviour and training professionals across Scotland to recognise and act upon the signs of domestic abuse.

If anyone is a victim and needs help, I urge them to come forward and contact in confidence either the Police, Women’s Aid, Fearless or my office.

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