Brexit: Scotland’s Economic Hit

15th January 2018

Research from the Scottish Government has found that a failure by the Tory government to secure a Brexit deal would see Scotland take a £12.7 billion economic hit, equivalent to £2,300 per year for each person in Scotland.

Leaving the EU could result in a hit to GDP of up to 8.5%, equivalent to a loss of up to £2,300 per year for each person in Scotland by 2030.

All outcomes, short of full EU membership, will damage Scotland’s economic, social and environmental interests.

Continued migration from the EU in line with Freedom of Movement is required to support continued economic growth, with each additional EU citizen working in Scotland currently contributing an average of £10,400 in tax revenue.

For the sake of jobs, the economy and the next generation, the UK Government must drop its right wing, hard Brexit red-lines so that Scotland and the UK can stay inside the Single Market and Customs Union.

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