Scottish Government at work for months on Carillion contingency plans

16th January 2018

FULL STORY: Scottish Government at work for months on Carillion contingency plans

The UK Government has shown what its obsession with privatisation can result in: thousands of jobs on the line and contracts in jeopardy while public funds are used to prop up a company that has been in financial trouble for some time.

The cost to the tax payer of Tory negligence of resuming these contracts will be in the hundreds of millions some estimates say. As per, the tax payer foots the bill for private interests despite Carillion’s payouts to shareholders increasing each of the 16 years since its formation.

The Scottish Government has been getting on with the day job and prepared contingency plans last year for contracts in Scotland should the ailing company fail rather than taking the UK Government approach of continuing to award them £2blln worth of contracts despite three profit warnings.

The SNP is working for Scotland and all the people working in it -the UK Government should do the same and provide assurance that jobs will be protected

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