Labour’s Budget Debate

18th January 2018

FULL ARTICLE: MSPs can’t stop laughing at James Kelly’s answer to a simple question about the Budget

It is simply not good enough for Labour to secure a debate on the Scottish budget and argue for greater investment without bringing forward proper proposals to do so.

The First Minister said today that the SNP is open to proposals from other parties on the Scottish budget. But Labour have chosen to pull a political stunt rather than provide an alternative which the people of Scotland expect from their elected officials. Labour have shown themselves up as completely uninterested in the serious business of government.

The SNP has proposed a draft budget that would use progressive tax powers to invest in our schools and hospitals and give public sector workers a pay rise.

In the end, Labour voted with the Tories and lost. While Labour play politics, the SNP is getting on with the day job that protects public services and its workers which is what the people of Scotland want to see.

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