A Budget for Scotland!

1st February 2018

On the areas where the Scottish Government has the power, the SNP is breaking from Westminster mediocrity and is delivering for Scotland.

The budget will protect public services and ensure the lowest earners receive a tack cut while those at the top pay a bit more. 70 per cent of individuals will not pay any more in tax than they do now for given incomes and 55 per cent of taxpayers will pay marginally less tax than they would if they lived elsewhere in the UK.

£170 million more has been allocated to Local Government and local services – over £10 million more for North Lanarkshire!

We will retain the 3%/2% split in pay policy to ensure lower earners benefit the most, but we will increase the threshold from £30,000 to £36,500. The new pay policy will ensure that the vast majority of nurses and teachers receive an increase of 3%.

Including these measure, Scots will still benefit from:
● protection of public services that are free at the point of use – including free prescriptions;
● free personal care;
● free higher education;
● no business rates for 100,000 properties;
● reducing the attainment gap;
● the doubling of free childcare;
● the delivery of 50,000 new affordable homes;
● above inflation investment in police;
● above inflation investment in our universities and colleges; and
● above inflation investment in local government services the length and breadth of Scotland.