Re-elected 365 days ago today!

8th June 2018

A year ago today, the people of Motherwell & Wishaw put their trust in me once again as I was re-elected as MP for the constituency.

Over the last year, I have continued to work as hard as possible for the community. At Westminster, I have continued to oppose Tory cuts at every turn; continued to campaign on vitally important matters such as the scandalous treatment of the WASPI women and flaws in the Child Maintenance Service; and continued to be a strong voice for local people.

From my constituency office in Motherwell, my team and I have continued to support & promote local businesses & organisations; continued to tackle poverty across the constituency through the Poverty Action Network; and continued to spend each and every day assisting local people with a whole range of matters, from issues with immigration and unfair benefit sanctions to Post Office closures and taking on secondary ticketing websites

One year ago, the election stood as an opportunity for people to re-elect an experienced local champion, with a strong record and a pledge to continue to be a strong voice for ordinary people, and I was delighted that they chose to do so.

It has been a huge honour to serve the people of Motherwell & Wishaw for the last 37 months and I look forward to continuing to do so moving forward.