A Tory Power-Grab

13th June 2018

Last night, Westminster voted – after only a 15 minute debate – to remove powers over procurement and fishing for example, from the Scottish Parliament. The Tory power-grab rips up the constitutional settlement that has been respected for 20 years and signifies a dark day for devolution.

Labour, a party that says it was the midwife of devolution, did not vote allowing the Tories to undermine the devolution settlement itself.

When the Speaker was questioned by the SNP Leader, Ian Blackford, as to how members could ensure that Scotland’s voice was heard on this issue, one Tory MP disgustingly shouted “suicide”.

We have had our Parliament treated with utter contempt. We have had our Parliament stripped of powers by the Tories while Labour allowed them to. We have had our will ignored. Scotland will not forget.

The people of Scotland should consider taking control of their future for themselves. Not putting it into the hands of Tory MPs who think they can do what they want to Scotland and get away with it.

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