25th July 2018


Marion Fellows, MP for Motherwell and Wishaw, this week met with Steve Farrell – Community Union’s Regional Secretary for Scotland – to discuss Trump’s steel tariffs, the Dalzell plant and also mental health in the workplace signing Community’s Mental Health Charter.

Trump imposed 25% tariffs on European steel earlier this year with the EU responding by imposing their own tariffs on US steel and a number of other products including orange juice, tobacco, bourbon whisky, makeup, jeans, and motorbikes.

Marion also continued her mental health campaign by signing Community’s Mental Health Charter which commits employers to “tackle stigma”, “challenge discrimination”, “promote equality of opportunity”, “encourage wellbeing” and “raise awareness” of mental health and services. She has encouraged other employers to meet the Charter’s calls.

Commenting, Marion said:

On Steel

It was a pleasure to meet with Steve Farrell to see how I can continue to support the local and national steel industry in Scotland. The SNP stood up for steel before securing a future for Dalzell and we are continuing to stand up for steel now.

Trump’s tariffs will harm industry and workers here and in the USA.

Tariffs are a blow to free-market Brexiteers who argue that the US will welcome a trade deal with the UK after we leave the EU. The stark reality is that President Trump is not open to negotiate unless he is the only one who stands to benefit from a deal.

The EU is right to impose our own tariffs to protect industry here. The UK Government must follow suit and provide support to steelworkers in the UK who may be affected.

I agree with Community that we must also ensure that trade is fair and we prevent the European market from being flooded with cheaper foreign steel which undermines the industry here.

On Mental Health

I was glad to discuss the important issue of mental health. Stress is one of the main reasons for absenteeism. We need all workers to be supported by their employer in the workplace.

All workers deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and prevention is always better than cure. Employers have a responsibility to take action.

I am leading by example by ensuring my office meets the Charter’s calls and I encourage every employer to ensure the same protections for their workforce.

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