Whitehall officials ‘do not understand’ Scottish devolution

31st July 2018

FULL STORY: Whitehall officials ‘do not understand’ Scottish devolution

The cross-party Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee in Westminster has confirmed what the SNP has been saying for months: that the relationship between the Scottish and UK Parliaments and Governments are not fit for purpose.

With the UK Government failing to consult with the Scottish Government over their Brexit Bill and their power grab of Scotland’s powers over fisheries, agriculture, the environment and food standards – the devolution settlement itself has been ripped up. The fact that the committee is now questioning whether the Scotland Office and the office of Secretary of State are necessary is a humiliation for David Mundell who has clearly failed to justify his job.

Instead of having a grown up discussion with the Scottish Government, the UK Government will ride roughshod over it ignoring any sensible attempts to compromise.

The report also highlights how the UK Government has been ham-stringed by their own divisions. If this is how Scotland is treated during negotiations, I dread to think how well they are going with the EU.