Benefit system ‘takes women back to 1950s’

1st August 2018

FULL STORY: Benefit system ‘takes women back to 1950s’

Under the cold-hearted Universal Credit benefit system, which myself and other SNP MP’s actively oppose, the power is passed back to those who should not be in possession of it.

Amongst women and men who are in receipt of Universal Credit, there are several courageous survivors of emotional and domestic abuse whose payments are often payed into their partners bank accounts if they are also receiving Universal Credit. This enables the abuser to have access to both sets of the sum, as Jobcentres are only advised to appeal a split of payments into separate accounts in “very exceptional circumstances”. This state of affairs is intolerable and unsafe, especially if a child is present in the household, as this may result in a possible mal-nurture of the child in the family.

In this case, it is near impossible for one of the parties in the claim to escape the damaging situation or relationship as their funds lie with the other person.

The Tories are still refusing to listen and as per usual, are pressing on with their regime regardless.