1st April 2019

Following the tragedy on The Loaning, Motherwell, I wrote to North Lanarkshire Council to join the community’s calls for action to improve road safety and for local people to be given a greater say over decisions on our roads and traffic management. I have received the below response which confirms a community workshop will take place.

North Lanarkshire Council must review how it determines an area as high risk and be prepared to listen to the people who use and live on these roads. Communities know best what they need It is absolutely imperative that local people are listened to.

Unfortunately due to a sudden change to Parliamentary business due to Brexit, I have had to reschedule my meeting with Chief Inspector Leonard. When I do meet him, I will be sure to raise concerns on road safety and provide an update.

NLC Response:

Thank you for your email of 19 March. The council has started to engage with the community already and senior officers met with community representatives to discuss their concerns. We will continue to have an open dialogue with the community and it is our intention to collect views to assist in generating ideas that will be developed and brought back to a community workshop to inform proposals for the area.”