21st May 2019

Brexit and the UK Government’s haphazard handling of it is resulting in uncertainty for British Steel which is causing uncertainty for businesses in their supply chain as well as workers in affected communities.

The Scottish Government stood in to secure a future for Scotland’s steelworks and jobs. Liberty Steel took over and they are taking the appropriate steps to keep production going. But many steelworks elsewhere in the UK are facing closure due to a Tory Brexit and inaction. Solidarity with those communities.

The UK Government has provided sweetheart deals to Nissan but is leaving Scottish industries in limbo. To the Tories, industrial jobs are expendable. Especially manufacturing jobs. We have to build a diverse economy fit for a diverse workforce.

The Tories claim to be the party of businesses, but the Under-Secretary’s response shows that they aren’t grasping the concerns of businesses and trade unions alike.

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