20th August 2019

Yesterday I met with parents from local support group – PDA Awareness & Support Group. PDA (pathological demand avoidance) is a neurological condition that affects many individuals with Autism Spectrum Conditions. The meeting was very informative shedding light on the ways in which children and young people with PDA are affected in their everyday lives with a focus on educational needs that are not being met.

The group supports parents in accessing information and services they require for their children.

Currently parents are championing the government to introduce a PDA Toolbox for teachers as the current autism toolbox is not inclusive of the strategies necessary for teachers to support students with PDA.

I intend to support this group as much as I can and encourage everyone to raise their awareness of PDA.

This coming Saturday you can demonstrate your support by attending the Community Awareness event where you can meet this group and other voluntary support groups in the constituency such as Autism Take 5.

The event will be at the Forgewood Community Centre from 1-4. Please pop in and meet these incredible parents.