16th October 2019


Motherwell and Wishaw MP, Marion Fellows, has thrown her weight behind ASDA workers in their dispute over terms in a letter to ASDA Chief Executive, Roger Burnley, and called for dialogue.

Under the new contract, workers would lose out on paid break time and be forced to work bank holidays whether they were contracted to or not.

Staff could also have their shifts changed at four weeks’ notice impacting workers’ plans – especially those with care responsibilities.

Workers are being told to sign new contracts by 2 November or face the sack.

GMB union says that the new conditions would make 3,000 shop floor staff worse off.

Commenting, Mrs Fellows said:

“ASDA bosses’ attempts to bully workers into agreeing to the new contract by threatening them with the sack is despicable and archaic. These are the people who stock the shelves and work the tills, they deserve respect. ASDA bosses must get around the negotiating table and rule out making any staff redundant for refusing the new contract.

“Workers have legitimate issues around shift patterns, and holiday and break entitlements. ASDA can’t just expect staff with responsibilities such as caring for others to change their lives to meet employers’ expectations or expect thousands of staff to work longer for less.

“Under the Tories’ employment law, Scotland and the rest of the UK are going backwards to the Victorian age. This will only get worse after Brexit when the rights workers have fought for over centuries will be piled on the Brexit bonfire.”

The public are being encouraged to sign GMB’s petition ‘Tell ASDA: Respect your Workers’: