This Week #57

Monday 17th July 2017

On Monday, Marion was in the constituency working hard on constituent cases, meeting local people, and contacting local organisations.

Tuesday 18th July 2017

On Tuesday, Marion had a busy day of parliamentary duties, meetings, and briefings in London as she continued to work hard for the people of Motherwell & Wishaw.

Wednesday 19th July 2017

Wednesday saw Marion participate in the emergency debate on tuition fees in England and Wales. As a former lecturer, education is an area which Marion still has a great passion for and the MP is proud to champion Scotland’s refusal to impose tuition fees upon prospective students.

You can watch Marion’s full speech below:

Thursday 20th July 2017

On Thursday, Marion spoke during the Westminster Hall debate on proposals for better combat compensation, stating:

The Scottish Government urge the UK Government to publish a response to the latest quinquennial review as soon as possible and to address directly the review’s recommendations. In particular, we urge the Government to increase the maximum tariffs for mental health and to improve communication, particularly for veterans who may experience late onset symptoms.

You can read Marion’s contribution in full here.

Friday 21st July 2017

On Friday, Marion was back home in the constituency, with the House of Commons rising the previous day for the Summer Recess.