This Week #50

17th – 23rd April 2017

On Monday, it was back to London for Marion as the Member of Parliament travelled south for another busy week at Wesminster following the Easter Recess.

Marion was in London on Tuesday, with a busy day of parliamentary duties and briefings within the House of Commons.

The morning saw Theresa May announce a General Election on the 8th of June, as she seeks to cement Tory rule and pave the way for her preferred hard-Brexit, greater austerity, and a UK moving further to the right.

Undistracted by the Prime Minister’s news, Marion was busy getting on with her day job, leading a debate on the Child Maintenance Service which she had secured, making a number of incredibly important points and observations.

The Child Maintenance Service process is extremely difficult to understand and is often not communicated properly to parents. For example, DWP figures show that 17% of those using direct pay whose payments stopped or never even started were not aware that the CMS could even pursue payments for them. Similarly, 15% did not even know about the collect and pay service. Shockingly, a recent report from PayPlan found that more than half of single parents did not even know their child was eligible for support from their absent parent. Communication with parents about services available to them and their rights is lacking; they need to be informed.

You can read Marion’s contribution in full here, or watch below.

On Wednesday, Marion had her usual Education Select Committee commitments prior to her attendance Prime Minister’s Questions.

Marion was also in attendance as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon gave a statement on the General Election, which you can read in full here.

Thursday saw another busy day of parliamentary duties before Marion made the long journey back home ahead of a busy couple of weeks working in the constituency.

On Friday, Marion was back home working from her constituency office in the Dalziel Building, Motherwell, dealing with casework, discussing matters with constituents and local organisations, and continuing to work hard for the people of Motherwell and Wishaw.

On Sunday, Marion was out campaigning ahead of Council elections on May 4th, before hosting public meetings in Pather and Motherwell in the afternoon and evening.

Both meetings were well attended and allowed local people the chance to meet and quiz their Member for Parliament, as well as receiving information, advice, and assistance.