Following last week’s General Election, Motherwell and Wishaw MP, Marion Fellows, has thanked constituents for giving her their backing as she gets back to work.

The General Election saw yet another SNP victory with the majority of Scottish seats re-electing SNP MPs. This has allowed the SNP to retain its status as the third largest party in Parliament giving their MPs more opportunities to influence and hold the UK Government to account.

Marion has wasted no time and made the journey to Westminster on Sunday to get back to work.

Commenting from Parliament, Marion said:

“I must thank the people of Motherwell and Wishaw investing their trust in me again. I am privileged that I will continue to represent our amazing communities.

“The election result was another great SNP win with the Tories’ hard Brexit and austerity agenda being firmly rejected across the UK.

“I’m eager to get back to work helping people and fighting for local issues: investing in the economy, communities and services; reforming the Child Maintenance Service to lift children out of poverty; and securing pension rights.

“As a party, the SNP thanks the people of Scotland for backing us once again and we are more eager now than ever to fight for Scotland.”