Summer 2022 Newsletter

A message from Marion: The cost of living crisis is a national emergency.  Ofgem, the energy regulator, has announced the energy price cap will rise an average of 80% on 1st October. This will take typical bills from £1,971/year to £3,549/year — a further rise is planned for January. This news, although expected, is still […]

Special Assistance at Glasgow Airport

On Friday I attended a meeting at Glasgow Airport in my role as SNP Disabilities Spokesperson. I wanted to see how the airport operates the Special Assistance for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM) following recent worrying media reports highlighting issues experienced by these passengers. I can reassure passengers that should you require this service Glasgow […]

Rwandan ‘Cash for Refugees’

Last week, I signed a joint letter to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, urging him to cancel plans over the coming weeks to deport over 100 Asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda. The proposed deportations are a threat both to the individuals concerned, and to the principles of the Refugee Convention. The full text […]

Backlog in Passport Applications

I have written to the Minister for Safe and Legal Migration regarding the backlog in processing British Passports. We need commitments from the UK Government to ensuring that: Passport applications are processed quicker, More call handlers are employed to cope with the volume of calls being made, People are refunded their passport application fee where […]

The Rights and Safety of Disabled People in Ukraine

Last week, I wrote to the Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, regarding growing concerns for the rights and safety of disabled people in Ukraine. I received a response from the Foreign Office that failed to mention disabled people once. We need concrete commitments from the UK Government to protect disabled people’s rights on the ground now. […]

February Newsletter

January Newsletter

Holocaust Memorial Day

I was grateful to speak in what was a very moving debate for Holocaust Memorial Day yesterday. We can never forget what happened and what is still happening across the world. Solidarity with those persecuted and denied basic human rights because of who they are across the world . I also had the opportunity to […]

PMQs: Boris Johnson Must Go

While people in Motherwell and Wishaw, our NHS and other frontline services made sacrifices throughout the pandemic, Boris Johnson was hosting a cheese and wine party in Downing Street. While people were following rules by not visiting family in hospital, missing funerals and weddings, Boris Johnson was putting public health at risk with an illegal […]

Protecting Post Office Numbers

Rather than use my question as an opportunity to talk up the union, communities who are being left without vital Post Office services would rather know what steps the Secretary is taking to protect and grow the Post Office network.