Lanarkshire MP insists she “acted on her own beliefs” in calling for Gaza ceasefire

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Marion Fellows MP says she acted on her own beliefs and the pleas of constituents in calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza in the UK parliament.

The Motherwell & Wishaw MP was one of 125 MPs who backed an SNP motion calling for a ceasefire in an amendment to the King’s Speech which was voted down by the Tory government and the Labour opposition.

And the MP revealed that emails received at her office from constituents have been “overwhelmingly in favour” of insisting that the UK government uses its influence to call for a ceasefire.

She said that the response from both the Tories and Labour “shamed” each party and that their stance would be remembered by her constituents and people across the whole of  Scotland.

The MP first called for a ceasefire in the House of Commons on October 18, saying she was “speaking as a mother and a grandmother” – the ninth MP to do so at that stage.

One constituent wrote to Ms Fellows in an email: “I don’t think I’ve contacted my MP before but I feel I have to due to the current situation in the middle east.

“Israel is a nation state and as such is supposed to abide by international law. It isn’t doing that. It seems clear that Israel is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

Another constituent wrote: “I am writing to express my absolute despair at the situation in Gaza. 

“The attacks carried out by Hamas on October 7th were disgusting, appalling and totally indefensible. 

“But now everyone is silent and not condemning the war crimes Israel is committing. We need to speak up and demand a ceasefire.” 

Another email said: “The current situation in Palestine is inhumane and people all over the world are crying out for a ceasefire but those in power aren’t listening.

“I am begging you to make a stand for Palestinians.” 

And another constituent wrote: “As one of your constituents in Motherwell, I am growing increasingly distressed at what is happening in Palestine. 

“I feel our government is not only failing to condemn the violence against innocent Palestinians but providing excuses of self-defence for the Israeli government. I of course condemn Hamas….”

Another message said: “I am writing as your constituent.  I am appalled at Israel’s continued bombing of Gazaand very strongly urge you to support the calls for an immediate ceasefire…”

The MP has said she condemns the barbaric and cowardly Hamas terror attacks on innocent Israeli civilians saying Hamas is “indefensible in any right thinking person’s books”, and that Israel has an obvious right to defend itself.

But she says subjecting a civilian population to weeks of air strikes and artillery bombardment – killing one child every ten minutes, according to the World Health Organisation – is “senseless and unacceptable” and that the Tories and Labour will be judged to be “on the wrong side of history”.

Marion Fellows MP said: –

“My constituents have made their position very clear in that they want an immediate ceasefire. I agree.

“Humanity, international law and the preservation of innocent lives demands that.

“When I stood up in the Commons to ask for an immediate ceasefire last month, there is no way did I think this nightmare would still be continuing to this day.

“All I can think of each night is the women and children in Gaza and their extreme suffering.

“This senseless and unacceptable bombardment of civilians must stop. 

“Overwhelmingly my constituents are in favour of an immediate ceasefire.

“They will not forget the shameful actions of the Tory government and the Labour Party in not supporting the motion.

“It is appalling that the two Scottish Labour MPs were content to side with the useless platitudes of Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Stramer while in Gaza 10,000 civilians have died and civilians are still dying.

“Those that have survived have no power, no water, no food and nowhere to go.

“Night after night we see this appalling suffering of the innocents.

“The UK government could have used its influence to make a stand on this.

“The Labour Party and the Tories will be judged to be on the wrong side of history, and they will be judged.”

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