MPs and MSPs are being given the opportunity to nominate a local charity or individual to recognise them for the work they do serving our communities. I want to hear from you which one(s) I should nominate.

Let me know which charities you think deserve to be recognised for their work and which one of the below categories they should be nominated for. If you can, please try to tag them in the comments.

• Cracking Campaign: for a strong awareness or fundraising campaign.
• Charity Champion: for someone who has demonstrated great dedication to a cause.
• Pioneering Project: for an innovative project that has made a huge difference.
• Leading Light: for an employee whose dedication has reaped rewards for their organisation.
• Celebrating Communities: for an outstanding grassroots or community initiative.
• Terrific Trustee: for a board member who really excels.
• Demonstrating Digital: for a groundbreaking digital organisation or project.
• Charity of the year: for an organisation that has had an exception year.