Marion Fellows, SNP MP for Motherwell and Wishaw, recently met with Sarcoma UK to discuss the work the charity is doing to support people affected by sarcoma cancer.

Mrs Fellows welcomes Sarcoma UK’s latest report, The Loneliest Cancer, which provides a frank look at the current provision for sarcoma care in the UK.

The report reveals how sarcoma and a general lack of awareness of the cancer can have a devastating impact on people. Initial diagnosis is often inaccurate and compared to other more common cancers, fewer treatment options are available. This means that currently only 55% of sarcoma patients live beyond five years.

Mrs Fellows, said:

“It’s unbelievable that only 25% of people know what sarcoma is, and I’m proud to work with sarcoma to help spread awareness of this terrible cancer. It’s also clear to see that more needs to be done to help understand sarcoma so that patients have access to the level of treatment and care they deserve.

“It’s great to see this charity raising public awareness about sarcoma and its symptoms, while funding vital research into better treatments and supporting patients and loved ones through their Support Line.”

Richard Davidson, CEO of Sarcoma UK, said:

‘Being little recognised and far from fully understood has led to a range of issues which seem unique to sarcoma cancer. By working alongside policymakers, the NHS and healthcare professionals, Sarcoma UK is committed to ensuring sarcomas are diagnosed sooner, more effective and kinder treatment options are made available and access to new drugs is improved, so that together, we can improve the lives of everyone affected by sarcoma.’

Sarcoma can affect any part of the body, inside or out, including the muscle, bone, tendons, blood vessels and fatty tissues. In the UK, 5,300 people are diagnosed every year, that’s 15 people every day. 

Sarcoma UK is a national charity that funds vital research, offers support for anyone affected by sarcoma cancer and campaigns for better treatments.