FULL STORY: ‘Fury as ‘secret’ DWP checks see benefits claims marked down’

It is concerning that thousands of health reports are being tampered with each year by people who weren’t even present for the assessment. There must be a complete halt to audits and an inquiry into the UK Government’s rigged health assessments.

DWP auditors, who aren’t present during assessments, should not be able to mandate changes which could bear heavily on peoples’ lives. Changes should not be made by so called ‘health professionals’ who didn’t even carry out the original assessment. This is a clear injustice that must be corrected.

People have spoken to me about how they feel they are degraded in their assessments. For the whole process to be a sham and for the assessment to be undermined by auditors is infuriating.

Not happy with outsourcing health assessments to private companies who are pressured to chase targets, the UK Government is interfering to get the results they want so they can deprive yet more people with disabilities of the vital support they need to live full lives.

The Tories’ austerity agenda and punitive welfare regime has allowed the wealthiest to keep more money in their pockets while cheating society’s most vulnerable of even the most basic dignities.

This is in stark contrast to the work of the Scottish Government who is building a social security system based on fairness, dignity and respect.