Special Assistance at Glasgow Airport

On Friday I attended a meeting at Glasgow Airport in my role as SNP Disabilities Spokesperson. I wanted to see how the airport operates the Special Assistance for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM) following recent worrying media reports highlighting issues experienced by these passengers.

I can reassure passengers that should you require this service Glasgow airport’s services are exemplary!

I witnessed the first-class service on offer here and the dedication of the team responsible for ensuring the service is constantly no less than a first-class experience for their passengers.

Each client request, I observed, was met with precision, speed, and ease for the client. I must admit that following the most recent media reports on these services at airports I was delighted to witness how Glasgow airport’s team assisted passengers who needed their help.

I was astounded to learn that when things have gone wrong for PRM, this has been a failure by airlines to provide the required information in time to the Special Services team. This is not reported by the media and needs to made clear to the public.

I will be following up on this with the new Minister for Transport when the Westminster Parliament returns on 5 Sept. Airlines failing to ensure all necessary information is passed onto the airport’s team must face penalties.

Operations Director Ronald Leitch updated me on all that Glasgow airport has to offer and their ambitious future plans. Peter Caroll (Communications & Public Affairs Manager) & Paul Scott (Terminal Compliance Manager) gave me a tour of the central hub for special assistance.

I also met Jim Lobban & Jason Galbraith from OCS Group, who are integral to the smooth running of this service. Their commitment to their role, and the safety and comfort of passengers, was of absolute importance to them. Their compassion was irrefutable and very impressive.

I was moved by Paul’s commitment to ensure that the experience of autistic passengers at GLA was the very best it could be. His team offers introduction tours for autistic passengers to familiarise them with the layout of the airport from initial arrival to reaching airside.

He also spoke of other planned initiatives to expand on their existing support for autistic passengers.

As an advocate for autism friendly spaces, I am delighted at the efforts being made by this team and excited to see them take forward their exciting ideas