Motherwell and Wishaw MP pleads with UK Government to broker ceasefire in Israel-Gaza conflict

Daily Record

Marion Fellows MP speaking in the House of Commons on the Israel/Gaza debate

I keep hearing the words of my mother, and I have done for the last week, ‘Twa wrangs dinnae make a right’. This week, I asked the Foreign Secretary directly to make sure humanitarian aid gets to civilians on both sides and that the UK government work towards an immediate ceasefire.

Hamas are an indefensible organisation in any right person’s books, but the fact that they will not do right does not mean that the UK Government should not demand and work hard towards a ceasefire, and make sure that humanitarian aid gets into Gaza. I’m thinking repeatedly, as do many others, of helpless children.

I am a mother and a grandmother, and that is what I think about every night.

I asked the Foreign Secretary: Will the Foreign Secretary please make every effort not just to have money set aside but to tell us how he will get humanitarian aid into Gaza City and help those who are suffering in Israel as well?

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