Letter to Paul Patterson, Fujitsu’s Europe chief executive

Dear Mr Patterson,

During your appearance in front of the Business and Trade committee today, 16 January 2024, you said that your company has a moral obligation to contribute to the financial redress of Horizon victims.

I was pleased to hear this after so long. I am sure you share the concerns of those affected that financial redress is received as soon as possible.

To that end, I would ask if Fujitsu could provide an initial contribution towards financial redress for victims, a minimum of at least £10m before the end of this calendar month (January 31 2024).

The ongoing inquiry will provide clarity over Fujitsu’s level of culpability, but what is needed now is for the parties at fault to do all they can to provide swift redress to those impacted. An initial financial contribution towards redress would signify Fujitsu’s desire to see justice finally delivered to the victims of the most widespread miscarriage of justice this country has ever seen.

With best wishes,

Marion Fellows MP

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