Working for families in Motherwell and Wishaw

This week in Parliament, I moved forward with three very important files that have a direct impact on my constituents in Motherwell and Wishaw. Below I provide a summary and explanation on each, and why it is so important we keep the momentum going. Disability Action Plan Statement On February 5th, the UK Government released […]

January Newsletter

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Lanarkshire MP thanked by charity for grilling Prime Minister on sky-high energy bills

Daily Record People diagnosed with a terminal illness face a spike of 75% in energy costs – making an incredibly difficult situation that much harder. Last week I urged the Prime Minister to implement a social energy tariff for our most vulnerable. In the Commons, I said: “Last month, Marie Curie told me that terminally […]

Letter to Paul Patterson, Fujitsu’s Europe chief executive

Dear Mr Patterson, During your appearance in front of the Business and Trade committee today, 16 January 2024, you said that your company has a moral obligation to contribute to the financial redress of Horizon victims. I was pleased to hear this after so long. I am sure you share the concerns of those affected […]

Westminster has catastrophically failed, it must commit to ensuring justice for sub-postmasters

The Post Office Scandal has shocked and outraged so many of us and with good reason. As an SNP MP, I have been working for more than five years, alongside others, with the sub-postmasters who run local post offices, seeking justice from the post office itself. Post offices fulfil a vital role in local communities. […]

An energy social tariff would have numerous economic benefits and protect the most vulnerable, argues Marion Fellows MP

On November 23rd, after being delayed by the prorogation of Parliament for the King’s Speech, Westminster finally debated the ever-increasing need for an energy social tariff. The debate provided the opportunity for the concerns of many disabled organisations who for months have been stressing to me the real concerns of their members about energy bills. […]