Well Society to Welcome Syrian Guests to Cup Tie

FULL STORY: Well Society to Welcome Syrian Guests to Cup Tie

As a Well Society member myself, I’m delighted to read about this initiative at Fir Park on Saturday.

I hope those attending the match have a great day out!


This Week: Recess Review

31 March – 17 April 2017

The UK Parliament is an incredibly busy place when it is in session. However, there are often recesses throughout the year. From the 31st of March until the 17th of April, the Parliament was in its Easter recess hence why, if you keep an eye on what Marion’s up to through the “This Week” feature, you’d have perhaps noticed no updates over the period!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the Motherwell & Wishaw MP has been sitting with her feet up in front the telly! Far from it – Marion has been incredibly busy over the past weeks working hard on casework in her Dalziel Building office, planning for the coming months back at Westminster, and being out and about in the constituency, talking to local people, assisting with issues, and meeting local charities, organisations, and businesses.

Here are some of the highlights from a busy summer back in North Lanarkshire:

Marion took the opportunity of a rare Monday evening home to address Motherwell and Wishaw branch of the Scottish National Party.

Marion had a fantastic trip to Daiwa Sports Ltd, located in Netherton Industrial Estate, meeting with General Manager Jim Robert and spending some time learning about such an innovative, forward-thinking, and successful manufacturer located within the constituency.

The MP attended the Dedication of a Victoria Cross Commemorative Paving Stone in memory of Cambusnethan man William J Milne VC, who received the Victoria Cross during the 1st World War.
Marion visited HMP Shotts to discuss changes made to Prison Officers’ pensions and to learn more about the work they undertake.

The MP was delighted to attend the The SPFL Trust’s Trusted Trophy Tour’s Fir Park stop yesterday afternoon, celebrating the fantastic work done by the club’s Community Trust.

Refugees Welcome, No to SDL

Counter rally held against Scottish Defence League’s Wishaw demonstration.

I was delighted and proud to see so many local people take to Wishaw Main Street in order to make clear that our new Syrian neighbours are more than welcome in our town.

It is important that we as a community continue to show that spirit of welcoming and friendliness going forward as the refugees settle into their new lives in Wishaw.

It is also important that we stand firm in rejecting any attempts by the vile SDL, and the other far-right groups, to create division in our society.


Refugees welcome in Wishaw

Please come along today and welcome our refugees to Wishaw.

Gathering at the Wishaw Welcome statue (bottom cross at Commercial Hotel) from 5.30 to 6.30pm.

Make your voice heard against the Scottish Defence League!

Bring your welcome sign & post to Facebook.

Lets show the world that Wishaw has a heart!


Syrian Refugee Resettlement Programme

Tonight my office attended a meeting regarding North Lanarkshire’s Syrian Refugee resettlement programme.

Thirteen families will be welcomed into North Lanarkshire in March. For six of these families, Wishaw will become their new home.

I look forward to ensuring they are given a warm welcome into the constituency and feel safe and stable in their new communities.

If any community groups, charities or organisations want further information as to how they too can offer support please get in touch.


Asylum Application Processing Times

Members of the community have been waiting over a year for their asylum applications to be processed. I therefore asked for a debate to be scheduled on the length of time to process Asylum Applications.

During their time here, my constituents have been entirely self-sufficient and cost the taxpayer absolutely nothing. Despite this, they still have no decision from the Home Office. This is unacceptable.

Mr Grayling’s reply was unsatisfactory and was clearly not relevant to the question that I had posed him. And while Mr Grayling claims that the UK has a “long tradition” for providing people with refuge, the UK Government has pledged to take only a fraction of Syrian refugees – 20,000 – and only a small amount of the unaccompanied children fleeing war and persecution – 3,000.

The UK Government are willing to stall asylum applications and refuse vulnerable families simply to meet draconian immigration targets. This unforgivable policy is costing lives and casting great uncertainty on peoples’ futures.

Half Signature


This Week #20

23rd – 29th May 2016



On Tuesday, Marion had a busy day of meetings, briefings and All Party Parliamentary Groups at Westminster.


On Wednesday, Marion attended Prime Minister’s Questions before speaking on education in the Queen’s Speech Debate later in the day. As a former lecturer, education is a subject very close to Marion’s heart and she often takes the opportunity to speak on the matter with genuine passion.

In Scotland, we do not charge fees. We still pay the education maintenance allowance. We actively encourage students to move forward in higher education. We do not simply ask universities to publish information on the types of students from deprived backgrounds who are accessing their services; we have actually legislated that universities must show that they are improving access for our most disadvantaged students. That is an absolute must, and I encourage the Government to look at what Scotland has done. It is important that they not only ask, but tell universities to encourage people from BMEbackgrounds, disabled people and those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds.

One reason why many disadvantaged students do not go to university is the cost. In Scotland, we believe that students should access university based on ability, not the ability to pay. My right hon. Friend Alex Salmond has had that sentiment carved into a rock in Edinburgh at Heriot-Watt University—my alma mater. It is a subject with which the majority of people in Scotland totally agree.

You can read Marion’s speech in full here.


Thursday saw Sajid Javid MP, the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, give a business statement on the steel industry. Despite the steel works in Scotland having already been saved, Marion attended the Chamber in order to raise the issue of pensions:

In Scotland, the Tata plant in my constituency, Dalzell works, has already been sold on, but current and former steelworkers in Motherwell and Wishaw will rightly be concerned about their pensions, now frozen in the Tata scheme. Will the Secretary of State provide assurances as quickly as possible to my constituents that their future pensions are secure?

Mr Javid failed to provide any assurances, stating:

It is important that the hon. Lady knows that no pensions are frozen. The scheme is working as it should. The reason this consultation has come about is that, as I have said, the scheme trustees believe that this may lead to a better outcome for all members, including her constituents.

Thursday was also a sombre day back in the constituency as Anna and Conor, Marion’s two Interns, spent their last day working in Marion’s office! Both have been fantastic assets to Marion’s team and both the MP and her staff are sad to see them go but, of course, wish them all the very best in the future!

Interns Conor Higgins and Anna Knox.


On Friday, Marion was back home in Motherwell and Wishaw meeting local people and organisations, discussing constituency issues, and working from her office in the Dalziel Building.



Motherwell and Wishaw MP, Marion Fellows, this week wrote to North Lanarkshire Council leader, Jim Logue, and Chief Executive, Paul Jukes, to provide her support to the Syrian refugees expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

30 Syrian refugees are expected to be housed by North Lanarkshire Council in the Motherwell and Bellshill area by the end of June a council source has confirmed.

In her letter, MP Marion pledged to provide her services and full support to the new members of the community and North Lanarkshire Council to ensure the refugees’ time in Scotland is “welcoming, positive, but mostly importantly, safe”.

The MP welcomed the move and said she was confident so too would the local community, stating:

“It is an extremely positive move to bring these people who are fleeing war and persecution to North Lanarkshire.

“I am fully confident that the people of Motherwell, Wishaw and Bellshill, in typical fashion, will welcome them with customary Scottish hospitality into our community.”


This Week #16

Monday (25th April 2016)


Tuesday (26th April 2016)

On Tuesday, Marion had the usual busy day of meetings, parliamentary business and whip duties.

Wednesday (27th April 2016)

At Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday Marion quizzed David Cameron on why the promises made by the Tories and Labour during the referendum to protect steel and shipbuilding jobs were broken:

The Prime Minister and his Government did next to nothing to save the Scottish steel industry; it was left to the Scottish Government to do that. The UK Government are now breaking the promises made by Tories and Labour to protect the Scottish shipbuilding industry. Why does the Prime Minister think that Scottish jobs are so expendable?

Unfortunately, the Prime Minister chose not to answer the question asked, instead continuing the peddle the inaccurate claim that the Scottish Government chose not to use Scottish steel in the construction of the Forth Road Bridge:

Frankly, the Scottish Government and the UK Government should work together. One thing we should work together on is procurement. It is worth asking how much Scottish steel was in the Forth road bridge—zero! None! Absolutely nothing! Yes. What a contrast with the warships we are building, which of course we would not be building if we had an independent Scotland. We back the steel industry with actions as well as words.

This was unfortunately a factually incorrect response from Mr Cameron. No Scottish steel firm made any bids for the steel contracts as confirmed by Transport Scotland. The Dalzell plant only makes steel plate; it is not a steel fabricator. However, 300 Scottish firms benefited by being awarded 76% of the subcontracts for the FRC.

Later in the day, Alex Salmond MP decided to raise a point of order in the chamber in direct response to the Prime Minister’s inaccurate response to Marion’s question:

On a point of order, Mr Speaker—a wider point of order —would it be possible for us to develop in our procedures an opportunity for the Prime Minister rapidly to correct any misleading impressions that he inadvertently gives during Prime Minister’s Question Time? For example, I know that he would be incredibly anxious today, following his general attack on the procurement policies of the Scottish Government with specific reference to the Forth crossing, to acknowledge that, in fact, 45% of the total orders, which amounted to £540 million, were placed with Scottish companies.

I know that the Prime Minister would also want to correct the misleading impression that there was no Scottish steel in the contract by acknowledging that steel from the Dalzell plate mill was used in the girders at either end of the bridge. And I fully understand that he would want to acknowledge that the reason why there was no Scottish bidder for the main subcontract was the closure of the Ravenscraig steel mill by a previous Tory Government in the 1990s, which removed our capacity to supply such steel.

I know, Mr Speaker, that the provision of such an opportunity would swallow up the entire time of the House, given the many mistakes that this Prime Minister makes, but in view of the clarity of this particular example, perhaps you could consider my new, innovative prime ministerial correction procedure.

Thursday (28th April 2016)

Over the past few weeks, Marion has received a number of heartfelt emails from constituents regarding the closure of the Autism One Stop Shop in Motherwell – and on Thursday, the Motherwell & Wishaw MP raised their concerns in Parliament.

The OSS provides invaluable support to those with autism and their families and it is essential that this service remains. Marion urges North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire Councils to fund the scheme to aid these vulnerable families and will go on fighting for this valuable service.

Friday (29th April 2016)