Figures from North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) have revealed that the council’s decision to reduce general waste collections has doubled rat sightings in North Lanarkshire in the space of a year.

Changes backed by Labour Councillors, including NLC Leader, Cllr Jim Logue, came into effect in September 2017 resulting in general waste bins being collected every three weeks, instead of every week.

Rat sightings reported to NLC in 2017 rose from 624 to 1,238 in 2018, then to 1,657 in 2019.

Similarly, callouts reported rose from 443 in 2017 to 878 in 2018, then to 1,181 in 2019.

Motherwell and Wishaw MP, Marion Fellows, says that communities in Newarthill, Carfin, Muirhouse and Newmains have all required assistance dealing with rats and that there may be more communities affected across the local authority.

In 2018, Mrs Fellows hosted a townhall meeting between residents and council officers to resolve the issue. One was recently organised by Councillors in Newmains.

In March 2016, NLC introduced charges of £46.35 for pest control callouts for private residents – but not council tenants – resulting in a decrease in reported sightings of 720 in 2015 to 457 in 2016; and a drop in callouts from 720 to 372 respectively.

Mrs Fellows believes NLC has a duty to all residents and that private tenants are being forced to fend for themselves which may have allowed the problem to spiral out of control.

Mrs Fellows says that the problem is so large, that Councillors are failing their most basic duties to keep streets clean and that the Labour-Tory Coalition in NLC must face communities and reverse bin cuts.

Commenting, she said:

“Due to the Labour-Tory Coalition in North Lanarkshire Council, bin collections have been slashed and communities across the local authority are now facing a public health crisis with rat sightings doubling in the space of a year since the cuts were enforced. Cuts to uplifts must be reversed at the next budget before the infestation grows.

“I have written to North Lanarkshire Council leader, Cllr Jim Logue, about these issues and I have always received a response from a council officer. It is embarrassing that in the fourth largest Scottish local authority, they are hiding behind council officers. Council leaders must be publicly accountable and face communities.

“NLC has a duty to residents – whether they are private or social tenants – to ensure we are able to live in our homes free from rats. This is basic stuff and the Labour-Tory Coalition is failing people. When communities are facing a problem this large, the £46 charge must be seriously looked at. It has undoubtedly allowed the problem to escalate by deterring callouts.

“It’s time for Cllr Jim Logue to scurry out of the woodwork; face up to communities; and for the Labour-Tory Coalition to reverse cuts to bin uplifts in the upcoming budget.”



Despite the SNP Councillors voting today to save the Kilbowie Outdoor Education Centre, Labour Councillors have voted to close it, while Tory Councillors abstained.

The SNP is fighting tooth and nail to save our facilities and services so people can continue benefiting from them.

Despite having to work within the confines of Tory austerity, the SNP Group are drafting proposals for the NLC budget which would save the centre. Kilbowie’s closure is needless.



Yet another position from Labour politicians on a second independence referendum. Labour has no position, no leadership, no clue.

The Shadow Chancellor says the Scottish Parliament will decide if there is a second referendum. Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard says there will not be a second referendum at all. And now a Shadow Scottish Minister says there could be one, but the ballot will be multiple choice.

It’s no surprise that Labour are in a wheelspin. They can’t form a coherent position on one of the most important issues of the day and this is before they even attempt to outline their Brexit position. Casting a ballot for Labour is a bit like entering a raffle.

The SNP is clear: Scotland should be an independent and equal partner in the European Union.




Motherwell and Wishaw MP, Marion Fellows, has this week said that Labour are “turning their back” on the Scottish Parliament and that they must make clear to the Scottish public if they will side with the Tories or stand up for Scotland.

The Tory EU Withdrawal Bill would enable the powers of the Scottish Parliament to be constrained without Holyrood’s consent – fundamentally undermining the devolution settlement voted for by the Scottish people in 1998.

Powers over procurement, food standards and animal welfare for example would be wielded by Westminster for seven years without Scotland’s approval.

Former Labour Minister Malcolm Chisholm has said that he hopes “the parties of Devolution will stand with Nicola Sturgeon in defence of the 1998 Scotland Act and the principle of partnership based on consent”.

Commenting, Marion said:

The Tories are attempting to undermine the powers of the Scottish Government in an unprecedented power grab – and Labour are standing by allowing it to happen.

These powers were agreed by the Scottish people in 1998. Any attempt to ride roughshod over them tramples the very principle of devolution and democracy. If it’s fisheries, farming and procurement today, it can be health, education and transport tomorrow.

The SNP understands that common frameworks across the UK are required with the new powers coming from the EU, but they must be agreed between Scotland and London. Not decided for Scotland by London.

Labour are turning their back on the Scottish Parliament. It is time they took a stand for Scotland and worked with the SNP to protect our powers, people and services from the Tories.


Labour in Bin Collection U-Turn

Three weeks before the council elections, the Scottish Labour Party were adamant that newspaper reports of plans to reduce the frequency of bin collections in North Lanarkshire were not true. They also encouraged social media users to share the Party’s posts so that everyone could be made aware of this so-called “truth”.

Yet yesterday, just a few weeks after the council elections, a Labour North Lanarkshire Council has decided to reduce the frequency of bin collections.

FULL STORY: North Lanarkshire Council has approved changes to bin collections.

Propped up by Tories, there is now no question that Labour in North Lanarkshire are not to be trusted.


This Week #52

12th – 18th June 2017

On Monday, it was back to London for Marion as the recently re-elected MP for Motherwell & Wishaw returned to work at Westminster.

Marion Gets Back to Work (13th June 2017)

Following last week’s General Election, Motherwell and Wishaw MP, Marion Fellows, has thanked constituents for giving her their backing as she gets back to work.

The General Election saw yet another SNP victory with the majority of Scottish seats re-electing SNP MPs. This has allowed the SNP to retain its status as the third largest party in Parliament giving their MPs more opportunities to influence and hold the UK Government to account.

Marion has wasted no time and made the journey to Westminster on Sunday to get back to work.

Commenting from Parliament, Marion said:

“I must thank the people of Motherwell and Wishaw investing their trust in me again. I am privileged that I will continue to represent our amazing communities.

“The election result was another great SNP win with the Tories’ hard Brexit and austerity agenda being firmly rejected across the UK.

“I’m eager to get back to work helping people and fighting for local issues: investing in the economy, communities and services; reforming the Child Maintenance Service to lift children out of poverty; and securing pension rights.

“As a party, the SNP thanks the people of Scotland for backing us once again and we are more eager now than ever to fight for Scotland.”

Wednesday witnessed the tragic Grenfell tower disaster, with Marion and her office responding to concerns from constituents living in the forty-eight towers in North Lanarkshire.

In the afternoon, Marion was sworn in at Parliament officially confirming her as the re-elected Member of Parliament for Motherwell and Wishaw.

On Friday, Marion was back home working from her constituency office in the Dalziel Building, Motherwell, dealing with casework, discussing matters with constituents and local organisations, and continuing to work hard for the people of Motherwell and Wishaw despite the disruption of the recent General Election.