The Tories’ ‘Rape Clause’ dominated a Mossend hustings at the Holy Family Church last week in which four candidates for Motherwell and Wishaw took part.

The ‘Rape Clause’ is a Tory policy that would prevent families claiming Child Tax Credit for more than two of their children unless their child was the result of rape.

The clause has been universally slammed by women’s rights groups and political parties across the spectrum.

Commenting, the SNP’s candidate, Marion Fellows, said:

“It was a privilege to speak to people last week at the Holy Family hustings in Mossend. It’s great to see people take a keen interest in who they elect as their MP. Given that it was an all-female panel, it was shocking to see the Tory candidate defend such a malicious policy.

“The Tories’ vile ‘Rape Clause’ borders on social eugenics. It is cruelty of the utmost that impoverished families, many of whom are in work, are being denied this necessity.

“People cannot always prepare for what happens to them in life and tax credits and welfare are there to provide a safety net. Women should not be forced to go through such an invasive procedure for what can be vital support for their family.

“The best way to lift people out of poverty is to support them out of it. Not through cruel targeting of families while billionaires are given tax cuts. That is why the SNP opposes the two child cap and supports a 50p tax rate for top earners and a minimum wage that equals a living wage.

“The SNP stands firm against the despicable ‘Rape Clause’ and two child cap. It’s time for change for ordinary people.”