In the final week of the General Election campaign, the SNP’s candidate for Motherwell and Wishaw, Marion Fellows, has claimed that the SNP has replaced Labour as the party of working people.

Marion, a former EIS-FELA trade union representative, made the claim following the release of the SNP’s manifesto released last week which included policies to increase the minimum wage and secure pensions.

The local candidate also said that the election was a contest between the SNP and Tories and that any votes for Labour could allow the Tories to make gains.

Marion said:

“The SNP has put the interests of ordinary people at the heart of our election pledges making us the party that fights for working people. Especially after Labour betrayed local people by entering into a backroom coalition with the Tories in North Lanarkshire Council.

“We want to end Tory austerity which has been destroying our services and undermining our economy for years. We have suffered enough. The Tories have given tax cuts to their wealthy friends. It is time for ordinary people to get a pay rise.

“The SNP will increase the minimum wage to equal the living wage, ban zero-hour contracts and oppose caps to tax credits and the Tories’ despicable ‘rape clause’. This will lift millions out of in-work poverty.

“We will also take steps to review the salaries of those who provide our valued public services, like nurses.

“Peoples’ pension rights must also be protected so that they can enjoy their retirement in comfort. That is why we will place a triple lock on pensions and secure justice for the WASPI women. Pensions are not a benefit, they are a right that must be respected.

“This election is a fight between the SNP and the Tories. A vote for Labour may let the Tories in. A vote for the SNP on 8 June is a vote for the interests of ordinary people.”