Two Years Serving Motherwell & Wishaw

I have been privileged to serve the communities of Motherwell and Wishaw over the past two years and I hope that people will put their trust in me again tomorrow.

During my time as MP, I have fought for the issues important to ordinary people. I would like to continue fighting for these issues if re-elected: supporting our communities, fighting the Tories and austerity, and growing our local economy. Now more than ever, Scotland needs a strong voice in Westminster that will defend our interests and will stand against damaging Tory policies.

The Tories have called this election to tighten their grip on Westminster to impose deeper cuts on our services and communities. In most seats, it is a straight fight between the SNP and the Tories. Any vote for Labour could allow the Tories to make gains in Scotland that will harm our communities.

Scotland and the rest of the UK is at a pivotal point that will decide the future of our country. Scotland needs a party that will fight for our interests and stand against the Tories no matter what – not stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

We have suffered too long under the Tories’ who think they can do what they like to Scotland and get away with it. Send Theresa May a message that Scotland rejects austerity, we reject narrow-mindedness, we reject the Tories.

Vote to invest in our services, to invest in jobs, to invest in ourselves – and vote SNP.