I have written to local supermarkets and their national head offices to ask them to take further action in supporting the local community during this difficult time.

I have three main asks:

🧻 To limit the number of items each customer can purchase to prevent people from stockpiling so everyone can access the essential items they need.

👵 To have dedicated opening times for elderly and disabled people so they can shop safely and ensure they get the items they need.

🥫 To hold collection points for local charities such as foodbanks and baby banks, and for local branches to donate to these and not just rely on the generosity of local people.

I am currently working with local charities to ensure they have the resources they need to support as many people as possible.

I thank the supermarkets who have already met some or all of these asks. We need everyone to pull together. By doing so, we will minimise hardship and save lives.