PMQs: Boris Johnson Must Go

While people in Motherwell and Wishaw, our NHS and other frontline services made sacrifices throughout the pandemic, Boris Johnson was hosting a cheese and wine party in Downing Street. While people were following rules by not visiting family in hospital, missing funerals and weddings, Boris Johnson was putting public health at risk with an illegal gathering. And while footage has emerged of the Prime Minister’s staff joking about breaking lockdown rules, Boris Johnson continues to shirk his responsibilities and deny that any rules were broken.

Boris Johnson believes he can lie his way through this scandal and that the public will swallow it. True to form, the Tories show that it is one rule for them and another rule for everyone else. As Omicron rises, his government has shattered public trust in health measures. It is time for Boris Johnson and his corrupt government to go. Boris Johnson must resign.


Protecting Post Office Numbers

Rather than use my question as an opportunity to talk up the union, communities who are being left without vital Post Office services would rather know what steps the Secretary is taking to protect and grow the Post Office network.

Covid-19 Latest News

Preventing the Spread of Omicron

The first cases of the Omicron variant have been identified in Scotland with four in Lanarkshire. Scientists are still working to understand the variant. Until more is known we must be cautious and do everything we can to minimise the risk of spreading infection. Therefore, we must all:


Take up all vaccinations and booster jabs where possible.


Wear a face covering on public transport and in all indoor settings for food and retail.


Open windows especially if you have people visiting at home.


Keep washing your hands regularly and thoroughly.


Work from home where possible.


Take regular lateral flow tests – especially before mixing with others outside your household.If you have symptoms, self-isolate and take a test and if contacted by Test and Protect or public health teams please co-operate and follow their advice. All close contacts of suspected Omicron cases will be advised to self-isolate for 10 days, regardless of their vaccination status.


November 2021 Newsletter


International Day to End Violence against Women

Today is the International Day to End Violence against Women. I’m aware that many women and girls in Motherwell, Wishaw, Bellshill and beyond don’t feel safe in their own communities. This is simply not good enough and we all have a responsibility to stamp out the language and attitudes which enable violence.

At the root of the issue is men’s attitudes and behaviour towards women. It can only be challenged if each of us play a small part in changing the attitudes and behaviour of our brothers, friends, colleagues or whoever. Men must speak to men as well as women speaking to men to challenge what isn’t appropriate.


Abolish the Lords!

Despite bringing our democracy into disrepute, the Tories want the House of Lords and all their cronies who are in it to remain. Unelected legislators have no place in any democracy – let alone a 21st century democracy. Just like this Tory government, the House of Lords is unfit.


Scottish Child Disability Payments Now Live

The Scottish Government’s Child Disability Payment is now open for applications across Scotland. It replaces Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children and marks a major milestone in the foundation of Social Security Scotland.

Those who currently receive Disability Living Allowance for children from the DWP will also be transferred to Social Security Scotland. They will be told when this is happening and will find their payments transferred safely and securely within the next 18 months. Payments will be made at the same rate and there will be no break in entitlement.

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October 2021 Newsletter


September 2021 Newsletter



Today, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has outlined the Scottish Government’s Programme for the Parliamentary term ahead. This is an ambitious policy programme to secure a fairer, greener Scotland, founded on doing politics and governance better.

The Programme commits billions of pounds to tackle the challenges and grasp the opportunities by reducing inequalities, protecting our public services and creating a green economic recovery where the people of Scotland are the priority.

Just some of the actions the Scottish Government is taking include:Putting Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands by aiming to secure a referendum on Scottish Independence within the current parliamentary session.

110,000 affordable homes – 70% of which for social rent.

£1.8 billion investment in making homes greener and easier to heat.

Scotrail to be taken into public ownership by March 2022.

Free bus travel for everyone under 22 year old.

A National Care Service to oversee local delivery of community health and social care, ensuring consistent and high standards and embedding the principles of fair work for care workers.

Abolishing all dental charges.

Doubling of the Scottish Child Payment.

Extending free school meals to ALL primary pupils.

Provide every child with an electronic device and online connection.

Introduce changes to how fireworks can be used and sold in Scotland to address the misuse of pyrotechnics.

Introduce the Miners’ Pardon Bill to provide a collective pardon for those convicted of certain offences during the 1984/85 miners’ strike.